Give Love to Your Trees and Shrubs!

Your trees and shrubs are important. They add value to your home over time and provide more benefits as they mature, which is why it is important to maintain and protect them from devastating insect and disease damage. 

The process of protecting your trees and shrubs is a worthwhile investment and with the right service provider, you are well assured you and your family will enjoy them for many years to come.

Our Tree Spray Program uniquely offers complete protection from devastating insect and disease damage. Why? Treatments are timed to control other pests that may fly or be carried airborne to trees and shrubs. Some pests include: moths, mosquitoes, Japanese Beetles, aphids, mites, ticks (including the Deer Tick which spreads Lyme Disease)

Our 5 Step Program:

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Are Your Trees/Plants Showing Any Damage?

Example of aphids on leaf
Example of scale on plant leaves