Over 40 Years of Experience

We’re trained to know the factors that can damage your lawn. Our systems are designed to cultivate thriving grass, flowers, and trees. We customize your lawn care, so your lawn is lush and green.

While we don’t cut lawns, we’re happy to refer you to companies we trust. 

Our Specialties

Lawn Fertilization

Maintain a healthy lawn and keep it green and lush. Your lawn requires expert care, so you can enjoy its beautiful appearance year after year.  Our fertilizers provide an ideal blend of plant nutrients. These premium lawn fertilizers deliver quick greening and extended feeding. It’s also phosphorus-free to protect water sources from unnecessary damage.

Landscape Maintenance Program

Keep your beds free from weeds.

Our 8-step program offers more complete protection from unsightly broadleaf weeds. Treatments 1-8 are liquid. Treatments 1, 3, 5 and 7 include both a liquid and granular prevention.

Our program begins in March and continues through November.

Deep Root Tree and Shrub Fertilization

Provide your trees and shrubs with our mineral rich time-released injected solution.

This method ensures direct absorption of the liquid fertilizer to the root system giving your landscape the proper nutrients it needs to thrive.

Tree Spraying Program

Protect your trees and shrubs from devastating insect and disease damage. Our “Dormant Oil” spray is essential to reduce the insect population right from the start by killing all the eggs and larvae, preventing them from hatching in warmer weather. Our four subsequent treatments are timed to control other pests that may infest your trees and shrubs. 

Shrub Trimming & Pruning

Keep your property looking neat and attractive. Some shrubs require special care to trim and prune with proper tools. You’ll receive a personal shrub-by-shrub analysis to determine the extent of trimming necessary. Of course, each job includes a complete clean up and removal of all clippings.

Flea & Tick Control Program

Protect your family from ticks and Lyme disease. We apply an insecticide to your lawn and wood lining areas. The first application happens in May, followed by 3 applications from June through August. Our four-application program is the best defense to protect your family against Lyme disease.

Dead grass

Core Aeration

Dead grass needs special attention. Ensure your lawn gets the proper treatments necessary to remain healthy. With Core Aeration, it makes your lawn porous and helps reduce soil compaction by creating pockets of air, allowing oxygen, water and nutrients to penetrate the ground. Early fall is the best time to perform core aeration.

Additional Services

Complete Lawn Renovation

Need to revamp your property? Our three-step lawn renovation system wipes the slate clean of a weed-infested lawn and replaces it with fresh, beautiful lawn, at a much lower cost than installing sod.
Our 3-Step System:

In step one, we kill off the lawn with a heavy spray of “Round-Up.” The lawn will slowly turn brown, brittle, and die off, which takes 7-10 days. During this time, sprinklers should be turned off. Next, we replant luscious, green grass for a beautiful lawn.

We apply starter fertilizer and pelletized lime, then aerate the lawn with a tractor. Next, we apply a heavy application of quality blended grass seed consisting of Blue, Rye, and Fescue grasses, formulated for your area. We’ll design a special watering schedule for your newly planted lawn. 

We return a month after the first seeding to lightly re-seed the lawn and evaluate progress. We’ll apply a slow-feeding fertilizer. This process will thicken up the lawn. Once complete, we’ll advise you on a watering schedule.

Additional Lawn Care Services

A free lawn analysis helps you determine the treatment you need to restore the health and appearance of your grass. You might need core aerating, aerating and seeding, or dethatching. We can thicken your grass or expand your lawn area. Learn more about your options:

Your lawn needs to be porous enough for water, oxygen, and nutrients to reach the roots. If you see thatching (dead grass), that’s a problem, because the roots below are starving. Our core aerator machine has cylinder-like spoons designed to probe the soil. The channel allows the roots to absorb h2O and nutrients. There’s a swarm of activity going on below a healthy lawn. It’s best to perform core aeration in early fall.

Our unique method of aerating and seeding improves germination by 85%+. Our tractor-propelled aero/seeder perforates the ground to accept our specially formulated premium grass seed blend. We can also kill off weed infested lawns and grow new lawns from scratch. It’s best to perform aerating and seeding in early fall.

To thrive, your lawn needs to be free from thatching (dead grass). Our method can remove all the dead, brown, matted grass that has accumulated over the years at the ground surface. This suffocates your lawn of adequate air, sunlight, and fertilizer it needs to grow. Thatch is a haven for insects that feed on grass, which is why we recommended to dethatch every 2-3 years.

My Lawn is Never Green or Thick Enough

Most customer complaints  have to do with the poor results from professional lawn care services. You expect professional results when you’re investing in a program and this leaves you wondering if you could have achieved better results on your own.

Your lawn requires proper care, so you can enjoy its beautiful appearance year after year. Our many  long-time customers have enjoyed the expert care from us and so should you.