The Factors That Can Ruin a Healthy Lawn

You may be causing damage to your lawn without knowing it. Mowing too closely, improper watering techniques or an improper lawn grass for your location are some of the factors that can ruin a healthy lawn.

Additionally, the following conditions could also destroy your lawn:

  1. Insect activity
  2. Disease damage
  3. Soil acidity – insufficient time, inadequate, or excessive fertilization
  4. Prolonged soil moisture stress – particularly in hot weather
  5. Improper watering techniques
  6. Excessive thatch accumulation
  7. Intensive use and/or vandalism

 Any of these factors could destroy a healthy lawn in 90 days. The good news is we can correct any lawn condition, so you can enjoy a well manicured lawn. Our various services take care of these issues by combining the right levels of fertilizer, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, insect control, and fungus control.