How to Keep Your Landscape Beds Beautiful

Look forward to a vibrant spring and summer in your yard!
Front yard landscaped

 Vibrant and healthy landscape beds are a welcome sight that attracts you to enjoy your outdoor area. Besides being impressive, healthy landscape beds are likely to ward off any weeds, pests and diseases that come along.

The process of protecting your landscape beds is a worthwhile investment and with the right service provider, you are well assured you and your family will enjoy them for many years to come.

Our 8-step program is unique as it offers more complete protection from unsightly broadleaf weeds.

Treatments 1-8 are liquid. Treatments 1, 3, 5 and 7 include both a liquid and granular prevention. Our program begins in March and continues through October.

What You Need to Know About Weeds

Annual weeds are plants that complete their life cycle in one growing season. They thrive on frequently disturbed sites. Many annual weeds proliferate and persist because they have high levels of seed production.

Summer annuals are those that germinate from seed in the spring, grow during the summer, produce a crop of seed, and die in the fall. The seed generally remains dormant in the soil until the following spring.

Winter annuals germinate from seed in the fall, grow through the winter, produce seed, and die in the spring or early summer.

Winter annual
Change during the seasons
Summer annuals

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