Tree Spraying Program

Our Tree Spraying Program offers more complete protection from devastating insect and disease damaged than any other in the industry. Our “Dormant Oil” spray is essential to reduce the insect population right from the start by killing all the eggs and larvae that have over-wintered and would hatch once warm weather arrives.

Our four subsequent treatments are timed to control other pest that may fly or be carried airborne to valuable trees and shrubs. These pests include: moths, ticks (including the Deer Tick which spreads Lyme Disease), mosquitoes, Japanese beetles, gypsy moths, June bugs, aphids, mites, birch leaf miner, and others too numerous to mention.

World Class Lawns is experienced, insured, licensed and registered with the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. We are a member of the New Jersey Turfgrass Association. With twenty five years in the business, we take the health of our customers and employees into consideration. Therefore, we use only E.P.A. approved chemicals at the rate and dosage recommended. We stand behind all of our work and will make every effort to attain customer satisfaction.

The following is an approximate timetable for applications in our tree Spraying Program:

  1. Early April – Dormant Oil Spray*
  2. Late May – Insecticide*
  3. Early July – Insecticide*
  4. Mid-August – Insecticide*
  5. Early Nov. – Transfilm …a non-chemical winter protectant

* Names and labels of all chemicals used will be provided upon your request.)

All applications include the addition of Spreader-Sticker-Extender to increase the effectiveness of the insecticide used by prolonging the life of the chemical through even foliage coverage (Spreader); by providing resistance to wash-off from rainfall (Sticker); and by prolonging the life of the ingredients from one application to the next (Extenders). Treatments are billed on a “as done” basis. Our timely and competent applications will ensure the continued protection or your valuable trees and shrubs throughout the season.

Remember that many landscapers will not guarantee their work unless proper follow-up care, such as spraying and feeding has been performed. Call now for a free inspection and estimate.

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