Expert Lawn Care Service

For the past 40 years, World Class Lawns, Inc. has been maintaining and improving the quality and appearance of lawns and landscapes throughout Monmouth County, NJ.

An attractive lawn provides an ideal setting for your home and landscape. Lawns may be successfully established by seeding, sodding, sprigging, or plugging. Sodding is the most efficient and quickest method when time and appearance are major considerations. Seeding is the most economical.

To maintain and enjoy its attractive appearance, your lawn will require proper care. Unattractive and poor-quality lawns generally contain a sparse and an unhealthy stand of lawn grasses.  Also, weeds usually infest these areas.

Such conditions may result from one or more factors, such as:

  • Inadequate soil drainage
  • Chemical injury
  • Soil compaction
  • Mowing too closely
  • Insect activity
  • Disease damage
  • Soil acidity – insufficient time, Inadequate or excessive fertilization
  • Prolonged soil moisture stress – particularly in hot weather
  • Improper watering techniques
  • Excessive thatch accumulation
  • Intensive use and/or Vandalism
  • Improper lawn grass for the location

Any of these factors could destroy a healthy lawn in one season. Unfavorable lawn conditions, due to one or more of these factors can be corrected.

Our Complete Seasonal Maintenance Program covers all of these issues by combining the right levels of fertilizer, pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control, insect control and fungus control.

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